ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — One day into the return of school, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office wants to make sure drivers are following the law.

  • Last school year saw 34 citations given to drivers
  • Re-learn the lessons of the road when it comes to school buses

Deputies cracked down on drivers Tuesday morning who are not stopping for school buses on Goldenrod Road from State Road 50 to State Road 408.

The biggest mistake, according to the Sheriff's Office, is when drivers do not stop for a school bus on a road with a flat, paved median.

The section of Goldenrod Road has been a problem spot.

"When that school bus stops, if that first person flies by then other cars are going to fly by as well. When that first person stops, obviously, everyone is going to have to stop. So, we're rewarding that good behavior but we'll also be enforcing the bad behavior," explained Orange County Sheriff John Mina.

Spectrum News 13 was out with the Sheriff's Office at the end of the school year, back in May. In just one day, the deputies handed out 34 citations and each driver got a $269 ticket.

When a school bus extends its stop sign and puts on its red flashing lights, drivers have to stop if they are on a two-lane or multi-lane paved road.

The only time drivers do not have to stop is if there is a barrier or grass in the median and they are traveling in the opposite direction of the bus.