ORLANDO, Fla. —With less than one week from Election Day and candidates are relying on the support of political powerhouses to get out the vote.

  • President Donald Trump to stump for Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott
  • Former President Barack Obama comes out for Andrew Gillum
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Wednesday marks the beginning of an all-out blitz of big political names coming to the state for the "closing arguments" of this long campaign season.

President Donald Trump will be in Fort Myers later Wednesday, but that is not the only stop he is making in Florida this week.

The President will also be making a stop in Pensacola this weekend.

Florida is important to the president for two reasons: He is paying close attention to two Senate races and the governor's race.

And Trump will be heading to Fort Myers Wednesday to stump for Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott.

This will be Trump's third visit to Fort Myers since 2015, which is no surprise.

Lee County is red through-and-through and it gave Trump 58 percent of the vote. So his support for DeSantis is crucial in the tight race between the Republican candidate and his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum.

And Gillum is leaning on former President Barack Obama for a push during this last week before the midterms.

Obama will be in Miami on Friday to campaign for Gillum and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

Political analysts say given the size of the state and the implications we could have in 2020, the governor's race could be the most important in the country.