WESTON, Fla. — Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis came out swinging in the final debate for Florida governor Wednesday night at Broward College.

During their second and final debate, Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Gillum called Republican former U.S. Rep. DeSantis a liar who should be disqualified from being elected. DeSantis called Gillum corrupt.

The themes emerged several times through the hour-long debate, in which the candidates also clashed on health care, education, guns and the economy.

The Democrat and Republican also accused each other of running divisive campaigns and lying about their records. 

Some revelations about Gillum’s tenure as mayor of Tallahassee took center stage when an undercover FBI agent allegedly gave Gillum a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton to get access to taxpayer redevelopment funding.

“That is what corruption is, when you get something you shouldn't have had, and then you give something to people who are trying to influence you. So that is wrong, and he has not told the truth about any of that,” DeSantis said.

Gillum continues to deny he did anything improper, saying he wasn’t bought and that he didn’t use his office to hand out favors.

The mayor turned the tables on DeSantis, accusing the former congressman of using federal travel funds to hit the New York TV circuit.

“Where is the evidence of where you went, and how our money was spent to be a junket for you to go to New York and hang out with faux news and friends?” Gillum asked his opponent.

On score, Democrats believe they scored a solid win, arguing Gillum remained calm and collected in contrast with DeSantis.


This debate follows their heated session Sunday night on CNN.

On Sunday in Tampa, the two battled over the economy, race and President Donald Trump. Republican DeSantis, a former congressman, is an outspoken supporter of Trump.

While Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, is a frequent critic of the president.

It has been 24 years since a Democrat has been governor of the Sunshine State and this has already been a closely-watched race.

As the candidates get ready for that debate, Spectrum News' exclusive Governor's Poll shows a growing lead for Democrat Gillum.

And estimated 49 percent of voters support Gillum and DeSantis has 42 percent.

The poll surveyed 665 likely and actual voters and the credibility interval is plus or minus 5-percent.

Florida Attorney General Candidates Argued Cases

The candidates for Florida Attorney General argued their cases in a Spectrum News debate on Tuesday night.

Republican Ashley Moody and Democrat Sean Shaw answered questions on topics ranging from affordable healthcare to Florida's "stand your ground law."

Moody claimed she is the most qualified, while Shaw said she was not fully answering the questions.

They also went back and forth about the role of the attorney general.

"It is not to advance a political agenda or pick topics that are personal to me and use the office to sue anybody I can come up with even if I don't have a legal basis to do it," Moody said.

"I'm pretty sure the oath I take is to uphold the Florida constitution and so while we may disagree on some things absolutely I believe there is a role to play and we will find out. That's a fundamental disagreement in how we will approach the office," commented Shaw.

This will be the only televised debate between Moody and Shaw.

If you missed it, you can catch it again on Spectrum News this Saturday at 7 p.m.