Orange County, Fla. — More charges have been filed against shooting suspect Keith Melvin Moses, who is accused of killing three people including a 9-year-old girl and Spectrum News 13 reporter Dylan Lyons.

The 19-year-old Moses is also accused of critically injuring two others during the Pine Hills shooting last week.

According to jail bookings on Tuesday morning, the new charges are:

  • Three counts of first-degree murder.
  • Two counts of attempted murder.
  • Also, one count of armed burglary.

These stem from the three separate shootings that happened Wednesday, Feb. 22. First, the fatal morning shooting of 38-year-old Nathacha Augustin.

Then, the afternoon shooting that took the life of Lyons and critically injured Spectrum News 13 photojournalist Jesse Walden.

Lastly, nine-year-old T'yonna Major was killed and her unnamed mother was injured.

Calls to end violence have since reached the governor. Neighbors, faith leaders and a state attorney all wanting changes in law.

“The majority of people in Florida will just never commit a crime, because they don’t want to do that, it’s not in their nature. There’s other people that can be deterred, maybe they’d want to do it, but they don’t want to go to jail so that’s enough to keep them. But you have this small element of people, that the way to protect the community is to get them off the street,” said Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Moses does have a lengthy arrest history.

State attorney Monique Worrell said last week there needs to be change to the juvenile justice system to handle young people who do violent crimes.

Tuesday at an unrelated event, Sheriff Mina cleared up the timeline of events the day Moses shot several people.

In a newly released timeline, investigators said it was about five hours after Augustin’s murder just before four in the afternoon when Moses came back to a home off Harrington Drive and shot the nine-year-old and her mother.

Detectives said that within two minutes of Moses leaving that home, they got the first 911 call that our Spectrum News 13 reporter and photographer were shot.

The timeline shows it was less than 30 minutes later when deputies found and took Moses into custody.

Sheriff mina said after his arrest, Moses has shared little. Leaving lingering questions about any connection to the victims and what prompted the shootings. “I know that’s a sense of frustration not only for the families and friends, but for the community and us in law enforcement. We want to know why he did this and what the motive was.” Sheriff Mina said.

It will up to the state attorneys’ office on how to proceed, but when asked, Sheriff Mina said he thinks life in prison should be considered. “The fact that he was smiling after killing a nine-year-old and killing two other innocent victims. Shooting two other additional… just tells me he’s a very evil, evil person and needs to go away for the rest of his life.”