ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Two people were arrested as part of a shootout in a shopping plaza near Lake Nona Thursday morning.

Almost a day later, deputies say there are still questions about how many people were involved.

  • Witnesses could not give specific details on suspects who got away
  • 3 vehicles were involved in shooting; two of them got away

Orange County Sheriff's Office deputies captured two of the suspects Thursday afternoon. The suspects ran inside the 7-Eleven on Narcoosee Road after the car they were riding in crashed in front of the store, according to authorities. 

The third person inside the car got away. Deputies have not yet found that suspect.

Altogether, the sheriff's office says three vehicles were involved in the shooting, but the other two cars left before deputies arrived. They say they don't know how many people were in those vehicles. 

Investigators found a large amount of drugs at the scene. One person received what authorities called a "minor gunshot wound." 

A stray bullet broke through a window at Giovanni's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Orlando. One employee told Spectrum News 13 that it sent employees and customers rushing to safety.

"The only thought going through my mind was, 'that was a gunshot, let's get everybody to safety,'" explained Roberto Nikollaj. "So we pushed all of our customers and employees into the kitchen to make sure they were someplace safe, and somewhere where they couldn't get shot at easily."

Deputies say they do not know how many suspects they are looking for because witnesses could not give specific details about the other two cars involved. Authorities are working with Orlando police to find the third suspect from the car that crashed.