ORLANDO, Fla. — More than 20 vehicles were broken into at Orange County parking lots overnight, the Sheriff's Office said, bringing the total number of vehicles burglarized this week to more than 80.

The parking lots of Pepsi and Home Depot were among those where vehicles were broken into between 10 p.m. Thursday to 1:40 a.m. Friday, investigators said.

Sheriff's Office Lt. Collington Campbell said in a news release that 22 employee vehicles were affected at:

  • 6101 Chancellor Drive (Inktel Orlando) (3 vehicles)
  • 7423 Southland Blvd. (Home Depot) (10 vehicles)
  • 1700 Directors Row (Pepsi) (6 vehicles)
  • 8801 Exchange Drive (FreshPoint) (3 vehicles)

All four locations are about a 12-minute drive northwest of Orlando International Airport.

There is no suspect information at this time, investigators said.

Alvin Negro, an Inktel Orlando employee, was surprised to hear about the recent break-ins.

It's the first I’m hearing of this, but I’m not surprised. What concerns me is these people come to work, park their cars out here, and we're supposed to be safe and they come out. They either have a banged-up car or have something stolen from their car," Negron said.

Earlier in the week, more than 60 vehicles were broken into at four Orlando-area parking lots, including employee parking lots at Amazon and UPS.

The Sheriff's Office hasn't said whether the two break-in incidents this week are thought to be connected.

The locations of the break-ins are a relatively short distance from each other.

Law enforcement is reminding everyone to lock their vehicles and hide their valuables. They say anyone with any information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).