BREVARD COUNTY — The inmate accused of stealing an unmarked Brevard County Sheriff's Office car and driving it to Orlando has been caught, according to officials.

Daniel Amoroso, 58, was considered a trustee — a non-violent offender who does inmate labor while in custody.

And as a trustee, Amoroso was assigned to wash and keep up cars within the agency's fleet yard. 

However, he was accused of stealing one of those cars, an unmarked Chevy Impala on Tuesday night.

"He was able to get one of our pool vehicles and drive away," said Tod Goodyear with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday.

On early Thursday morning, the Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that, "The subject has been captured and is in custody at the Brevard County Jail!!"

Amoroso was put in jail for failing to appear in court and for a retail theft in Broward County. He has been at the Brevard Jail since July and a trustee since August.

Amoroso now faces escape and grand theft auto charges.