ORLANDO, Fla.  An escaped inmate remains on the run after investigators say he stole an unmarked patrol car from the Brevard Sheriff's Office fleet maintenance area overnight and then dumped the car in Orlando.

  • Authorities are searching for Daniel Amoroso
  • Amoroso accused of stealing deputy car
  • The unmarked car was dumped in Orlando

Daniel Amoroso, 58, was considered a trustee—a non-violent offender who does inmate labor while in custody.

As a trustee, Amoroso was assigned to wash and keep up cars within the agency's fleet yard. But now he's accused of stealing one.

"He was able to get one of our pool vehicles and drive away," said Tod Goodyear with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say Amoroso stole an unmarked Chevy Impala from the Sheriff's Office fleet facility Tuesday night. He then dumped the car on America Street, just a few blocks away from Orlando Police headquarters.

Orlando police officer found the car, and now the Brevard County Sheriff's Office is trying to determine how Amoroso was able to steal the car.

"Part of the investigation is to talk to the other trustees that were out there," Goodyear said. "Did he give any indication that he was planning on doing this. Checking his phone calls that came into the jail, to see if he had help from the outside. Or decided that night, had the opportunity and took it."

Amoroso was put in jail for failing to appear in court and for a retail theft in Broward County. He's been at the Brevard Jail since July and a trustee since August.

Amoroso now faces escape and grand theft auto charges.

He was last seen wearing the inmate striped uniform.

Anyone with information is asked to call authorities.