SANFORD, Fla. — On the first day of Seminole County’s new ordinance that mandates people wear masks in public, the measure faced pushback.

What You Need To Know

A group of people marched down 1st Street in Sanford Wednesday night, chanting “my body, my choice as they protested the new ordinance.

“Just because the government says to do something doesn’t mean it’s constitutional, or it’s the right thing to do,” said Anthony Dipalma.

Dipalma says whether the masks are effective or not, he says people should have the right to choose whether they wear them or not.

Other people expressed their support for the new mandate.

“We’ve got a long way to go with this particular situation we’re facing, and we need to do everything we can to minimize the negative effects of it,” said Taver Cornett.

Seminole County leaders say the mask mandate is voluntary, and they’ll assess how people are following it before considering penalties.  The new measure does have exceptions when people don’t have to wear masks.  You can read the new ordinance here.

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