APOPKA, Fla. — Florida Farmworker Association organizers said they want more state help with COVID-19, not blame against fieldworkers.

What You Need To Know

  • Organizer: Press conference put rise in COVID-19 cases blame on field workers

  • Florida Farmworker Assoc. calling for better access to testing

Neza Xiuhtecutli, a research coordinator for the organization, said the comments Gov. Ron DeSantis last week during a press conference made it sound like field workers were the reason for a rise in coronavirus cases.

“You have very risky working conditions, particularly in these farm camps or with some of these construction workers, you know some of these guys, they go to work in a school bus, and they’re like sardines going across like Palm Beach County or some of these other places, and you know just all these opportunities to have transmission,” DeSantis said.

Xiuhecutli said the governor should instead provide better access to testing availability and safety measures.

He also called for better safety procedures at work sites for fieldworkers.

“We’re still trying to maximize production without necessarily taking into consideration the risk we’re putting workers in,” Xiuhecutli said.

A spokesperson for the governor said DeSantis ensured workers received medical testing and treatment for COVID-19.