ORLANDO, Fla. — A pub in Orlando is enforcing safety guidelines more seriously to try to keep people safe from COVID-19.

What You Need To Know

  • Hammered Lamb owner says he wants his staff, customers to be safe
  • He says that he has faced resistance from some customers
  • Other people support the enforcement of safety guidelines

At the Hammered Lamb in the Ivanhoe area, they have signs on the tables to follow CDC guidelines.

“We have been enforcing guidelines of social distancing, staying 6 feet between tables, and not having people stand at the bar, and our staff wearing masks,” said the Hammered Lamb owner Jason Lambert.

Lambert said most of the customers have done a good job of following those rules, but not everyone.

“There have been some that come in fight the system,” he said.

Lambert said one of his rules is asking that people not to stand at the bar.

“People came in and got aggressive with me, and they got aggressive with the managers and staff,” he revealed.

Lambert has taken to social media writing a letter on Facebook.

“If you can't come in and follow what we are trying to do to protect everybody here, protect the community and still keep our business afloat, then I would rather you go somewhere else,” it read. Read the letter in full down below.

While eating at the Hammered Lamb on Wednesday, Taylor Newman said she supports the management and its safety guidelines.

“I think the measures they are putting in place are important,” said Newman.

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