In this week's Chef's Kitchen is a local chef who cooks for a bigger purpose than to just chow down.

Chef Rocky Tarantello is the top chef at ABA Alliance Therapy. ABA, which stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis, is a place to help kids with autism and special needs thrive.

ABA reached out to him after his work with a “no kid hungry” campaign.

“I mean, listen, I got in this business and I've been a chef all my life,” Chef tells us. “I've learned so much on how this helps kids on the spectrum.”

He shows kids how much fun cooking can be by literally putting the “fun” in, say, a “Funo-dilla.” Just as it sounds, it's a quesadilla jam-packed with fun, kid-friendly treats.

Let's cook!

FUNO-DILLAS – Recipe Courtesy of Applied Behavioral Analysis

(This is a fun and easy meal that can be done any time breakfast, lunch or dinner with the entire family. Try different wacky ingredients. Only rule is, there are no rules.)


1 – Pack gluten free soft tortilla shells

1/4 – Cup olive oil (Optional)

1 – pack shredded Mexican cheese

1 – Pack dairy free cheese

¼ - pound favorite ham and turkey (Any lunch meat your child likes)

½ cup of shredded carrots – (Steamed or Raw)

1 – cup veggie straws

1 – cup cauliflower rice  -

1 – cup gluten free pretzels

1 –  cup goldfish

1 – cup gluten free crackers

And anything else your child loves to snack on!


Pull out all your ingredients and place them in paper bowls so your children can access the product easily.


Have your child grab his or her own plate and start building their funo-dillas. Always start with the cheese first then other ingredients on top.


In a cast iron pan (or large non stick sauté pan) heat up over medium heat for 3 minutes until pan is hot, then place the funo-dillas shell side down on the dry pan, cook for 4-8 minutes or until the cheese is well melted and the shell is golden brown and crispy.


Fold to a half moon shape and cut into four pieces, serve with queso, salsa, ketchup, Ranch dressing what ever your child likes. Enjoy!