Starting the first weekend in June, "Weekends on Walton" is returning to the Salt City.

Syracuse Mayor Walsh broke the news Thursday after survey data showed overwhelming support to reignite the program.

Last year, it was created as a way to encourage outdoor dining in Armory Square.

Each weekend, the 100 block and part of the 200 block of Walton Street will be closed to traffic from 7 a.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Sunday, allowing storefront businesses to expand their outdoor seating. 

Business owners said they're excited this is coming back and they're sharing a bigger vision for what it could be this summer. 

"Encouraging more artists, more musicians, some more sharing of talent and culture to come down to this area too," said Michael John Heagerty, founder of Wildflowers armory. "So, kind of hoping to be able to enhance the experience of not just dining, but also shop, eat, dine, hang, rent bicycles, eccetra, eccetra, so there's a lot to be said of what we're working on."

City leaders are also adding an additional closure from last year. The 200 block of Walton Street up to the Creekwalk will also be shut down, leaving the remaining portion of the block open to traffic and parking.