ORLANDO, Fla. — After a nearly two-year hiatus, the long-running Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is back on the schedule at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

What You Need To Know

  •  Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular resumes performances at Disney World

  • The show has been updated, with enhanced effects, stunts and more

  • It's the latest live show to return as Disney World continues to bring back more entertainment

The show, which has been paused since March 2020 when Disney World closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, returned Sunday with stunts, special effects and a few modifications.

"Indiana Jones" first debuted at the park in 1989 and features performers recreating stunts and action sequences from  "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Throughout the show, the crew also explains to the audience how the stunts and special effects work on a film set.

So while the storyline remains the same, some elements have been modified or updated to give the show a fresh feel.

"The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular has always been near and dear to my heart, so bringing it back to life in a new way for our new audiences and capturing the thrills in a whole new light is something that has made me feel so proud as a cast member here at Disney," show director Tom Vazzana said in a video before the show's return.

One of the updates comes toward the beginning of the show. During first scene change, the stunt team is introduced to the audience by name.

Another change comes in the marketplace scene, which no longer features the gunfight between Indy and the villains. In the previous version of the show, Indy uses a pistol to shoot at the villains. In the updated show, Indy doesn't carry a pistol or fire it.

However, guns haven't been completely removed from the show. The villains still use machine guns and there are other moments where "gunfire" or gunfire sound effects are used.

There's also a moment where the special effects coordinator explains how they create the effect of bullets ricocheting off the ground with compressed air.

Some of the stunts have been updated and some of the sound effects have enhanced, including the sound used for punches in the fight sequences.

Indiana Jones is the latest live show to return to Hollywood Studios as Disney World continues its phased approach to reopening. "Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage" resumed performances at the park in August, while "Fantasmic," the nighttime show, is set to return sometime next year.

Last month, Disney shared more details about the reimagined "Finding Nemo" show coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom. And at Magic Kingdom, the Festival of Fantasy parade will return in 2022 as will Mickey's Friendship Faire, with a new name and a new finale.


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