ORLANDO, Fla. – Space 220, the long-awaited space-themed restaurant at Epcot, will open in mid-September, Disney World has announced.

What You Need To Know

  • Space 220 to open at Epcot in mid-September

  • The space-themed restaurant is located next to Mission: Space

  • Restaurant will serve "upscale, contemporary fare"

The restaurant is located next to the park’s Mission: Space attraction and will serve “upscale, contemporary fare.”

Space 220 is designed to give guests the experience of dining in space without actually leaving Earth.

The new dining experience will begin when guests check into the Space 220 Departure Lounge in Future World. They will then board one of two “space elevators” to the Centauri Space Station. A viewport in the elevators will show Epcot shrinking away, creating the illusion that they’ve traveled 220 miles above Earth.

Once docked guests will head to the themed dining area, which will feature panoramic views of Earth and other activities happening outside the space station.

The restaurant will serve cuisine created by Executive Chef Marc Kusche. For lunch, there will be a two-course prix fixe menu, and for dinner, a three-course prix fixe menu. There will also be unique beverage offerings such as fine wine and “atmospheric cocktails.”

Disney released a video of Imagineer Zach Riddley giving a quick sneak peek inside the restaurant.

Space 220, which is part of Epcot’s major multi-year transformation, will arrive just ahead of the start of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration.


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