ORLANDO, Fla. – One of the animatronic's on Disney's Carousel of Progress attraction malfunctioned the other day.

  • Disney animatronic's hand falls off on Carousel of Progress
  • Picture on social media shows John without a hand
  • The hand is seen lying on the floor next to him

John, the main character featured in the Magic Kingdom attraction, lost his hand during the first scene, according to an image circulating on social media.

John’s hand fell off during our show. from r/WaltDisneyWorld

The picture was first posted to Reddit by user coltsmcGee on Wednesday. It shows John in his chair with his right arm up sans hand. The hand is seen on the floor next to him.

This is the latest instance where an animatronic on the attraction lost a hand. In January, guests posted pictures on Twitter showing the daughter character also missing a hand.

A few years ago, another Disney animatronic made headlines when she lost her head. The Ursula animatronic at Disney California Adventure's The Little Mermaid attraction was captured on video singing while her head dangled from her body.

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