ORLANDO, Fla. – A Beauty and the Beast sing-along is coming to Epcot’s France pavilion next year.

  • Beauty and the Beast sing-along debuts January 17
  • The video will play in rotation with Impressions de France
  • It's one of the new experiences coming to Epcot

Starting January 17, the new experience will run alongside the Impressions de France film.

On Tuesday, Disney shared a preview of the sing-along as well as new details about the story.

Here’s your chance to stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

So this version of Beauty and the Beast is not quite how you remember it. The sing-along is basically a “twist” on the “tale as old as time.”

Disney worked closely with Don Hahn, producer of the animated film to bring this new "retelling" to life.

In this version, LeFou, Gaston’s reliable sidekick, is actually…a good guy. In fact, he’s the one that helped Belle and Beast fall in love. Yep.

The animators from the original film returned to animate new scenes for the sing-along, many of which feature LeFou secretly intervening in certain moments of the film to help Belle and Beast get closer.

One sequence shows how LeFou, working behind-the scenes, led Belle's father Maurice, to Beast’s castle. LeFou was alson the one responsible for sewing Belle's yellow ball gown. 

The animators aren’t the only ones to return for the sing-along. There’s a familiar voice for the narrator—Angela Lansbury, who played Mrs. Potts in the original film.

The 14-minute-long Beauty and the Beast sing-along will debut January 17 and will run in rotation with the "Impressions de France" film, which will be upgraded to 4K.

Debut on the same day will be the "Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360" film in the Canada pavilion. It will feature a new musical score by composer Andrew Lockington and narration from actors Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy.

The "Awesome Planet" in The Land pavilion will also debut January 17.

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