ORLANDO, Fla. — A new dueling water slide attraction is set to open at Aquatica Orlando next year, SeaWorld announced Friday.

  • Riptide Race set to debut at Aquatica Orlando in 2020
  • The attraction will be Florida's first dueling water slide

Riptide Race will be Florida's first dueling racer, sending riders down, side-by-side, from a 68-foot tower. 

Riders, in rafts that can hold up to two people, will face low walls and tight loops.

The attraction, which will take riders indoors and outdoors, will feature almost 650 feet of slide.

Each racing lane can hold up to two riders per raft.

"Riptide Race will offer a ride experience you won't be able to get anywhere else in Florida," Aquatica Orlando vice president David Heaton said in a news release. "

Riptide Race is just one of several new attractions SeaWorld is opening at its parks in 2020.

SeaWorld Orlando will open a new coaster called Ice Breaker in the spring. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will also debut a new hybrid coaster called Iron Gwazi.

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