ORLANDO, Fla. — Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will soon open at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

  • Star Wars fans of a certain age can't wear costumes in Galaxy's Edge
  • Disney World has a no-costume policy for visitors 14 and older
  • Visitors can wear "Star Wars-inspired" outfits; Disney released guidelines
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The new 14-acre land invites visitors to immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe by boarding the Millennium Falcon, sipping on Blue Milk, interacting with Stormtroopers, and building their own lightsabers and droids.

However, visitors hoping to don Jedi robes as they venture through Black Spire Outpost will be out of luck.

Disney World has no-costume policy for people ages 14 and older. The exception to the rule is Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, where certain costumes are permitted.

This policy differs from Universal Orlando, which allows visitors of all ages to dress in full Hogwarts house robes and other attire when in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

So what does costume restriction mean for Star Wars fans?

Visitors are not allowed to wear Jedi robes, yes, even the ones purchased in the land. They are also not allowed to wear helmets, mask or any object that could be mistaken for a weapon. Armor and uniforms are prohibited. Full character suits are also not allowed. So, sorry, you can't dress up as Chewie.

Disney has released a few guidelines to help fans know what they can wear in the land.

Visitors can wear what Disney calls a "Star Wars-inspired outfits."

They can wear traditional pieces of clothing that "when worn together, serve as a recognizable tribute to Star Wars characters," Disney said in a blog post. They can also wear outfits similar to what the "locals" wear.

"If you want to fit in with the locals, stick to a color palette of muted earth tones and focus on natural materials with a rugged, handmade look," Disney said.

Visitors under the age of 14 are free to wear costumes at the parks and in the land.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge officially opens on August 29.

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