ORLANDO, Fla. – Since opening earlier this month, Universal Orlando's newest attraction Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, has been plagued with issues.

The coaster opened on June 13 to a wait of up to 10 hours, as eager Harry Potter fans flocked to Islands of Adventure for a chance to experience the new ride.

In the days since, some fans have left the park disappointed, unable to ride because of weather delays and numerous technical issues.

On Thursday, riders were evacuated after the coaster experienced another technical issue. Some park guests reported seeing smoke before the ride went down.

Universal spokesman Tom Schroder told Spectrum News 13 that there was no smoke, but did confirm that the ride was down for a technical issue.

"Earlier today, we safely stopped the ride and assisted guests off as we worked to resolve a technical issue," Schroder said in an email statement. "Guests were off the ride safely and quickly."

Earlier this week, Universal announced it was changing the operation schedule for Hagrid's — opening the ride in the middle of the day for the next couple of weeks. The change, according to Universal, would give its team time provide daily maintenance to the ride.

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a complex coaster, with seven launches, animatronics, and a 17-foot free fall vertical drop. The "story coaster" takes riders through various scenes as they race through the Forbidden Forest at speeds of 50 mph.

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