ORLANDO, Fla. -- Disney plans to change the technology used in the parking garages at Disney Springs.

  • New tech set for Disney Springs parking garages
  • Recently filed permit calls for new parking system
  • Current system to be replaced by one from INDECT

Reedy Creek Improvement District filed a permit late last week which calls for the "removal of the TCS Q-Free Parking Guidance System."

That system, which is currently used in the Orange and Lime garages, would be replaced by one from INDECT.

The current system uses sensors to detect when parking spaces are occupied by a vehicle. LEDs above the parking spaces then show green if the space is available and red when the space is not.

INDECT offers similar parking solutions, including sensors for single parking spaces as well as camera-based sensors that can monitor multiple spaces, track vehicles and recognize license plates. The system can also help people find their cars. 

It's unclear which INDECT system will be placed in the Disney Springs parking garages.

Whichever system it is, it will cost about $2.37 million, according to the documents.

A third parking garage is currently under construction across the street from the Lime Garage. ​It will be connected to Disney Springs via a pedestrian bridge.

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