BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Two manatee have been rescued in two days in a spot on the Space Coast where the animals are gathering to wait out the cold

There are nearly 100 manatees huddling for warmth in the DeSoto canal in Satellite Beach.

What You Need To Know

  • There are nearly 100 manatees huddling for warmth in the DeSoto canal in Satellite Beach

  • Two manatees have been rescued in this canal

  • The cold weather is pushing manatees away from certain areas

During this cold snap, the animals are getting away from the chilly waters of the Indian River Lagoon.

There's the danger of cold stress of the river's temperature sinking to 68 degrees or even lower.

Bob and Michelle Bowman are snowbirds from upstate New York. It's their first trip to see the manatees snuggling in the canal.​

"It's awesome," Bob Bowman tells us. "I hope with all 100 here today make it through the day.​"

Unfortunately, the last two days have been rough for manatees.

Tuesday, a very emaciated one was rescued from the canal. It died the next morning at Sea World.

Then later Wednesday afternoon, another manatee in rough shape was rescued and is now recovering.

Florida manatee deaths marked a harsh number in 2021.

More than 1,000 died. Around 300 were just in the Brevard County portion of the lagoon.

Around 100 statewide have died so far this year.

Pollution ​and algae blooms have killed 90% of the​ seagrass in spots, leaving the sea cows without anything to eat.

"It's really sad mankind is having such a negative impact in our environment and all the things we enjoy," Bob Bowman says. "They're just innocent victims."

Federal and state officials have signed off on a plan to feed manatees on a limited basis to keep them from starving.