Jesse Canales is a proud reporter for Spectrum News 13. A recent resident of Florida, he’s always looking for new recommendations for places to go and things to do.

Jesse was drawn to Orlando’s large TV market and the challenge it brings. In late 2019, Jesse began work on a series of immigration stories. He’s gathered countless interviews and is passionate about putting the project together and sharing those stories with viewers.

Storytelling has always been important to Jesse, because it allows people to hear about things many people may not be otherwise exposed to. Jesse has seen firsthand how great storytelling can inspire viewers to help, give back, and get involved in their community. 

The most meaningful story Jesse has covered was about a young girl who suffered from a rare disease. She would spontaneously break out in horrible, painful rashes. The local children’s hospitals were unable to diagnose her. Her parents’ best chance to find what was wrong with their baby girl was a hospital out of state. Her parents struggled to pay for the trip and the girl’s medical costs. After Jesse’s story aired, the community raised enough money to send her to the out-of-state children’s hospital. 

Jesse’s family comes from El Salvador, and the drive he saw in his two working parents is what motivates him to do his best on the job.

When Jesse isn’t in the newsroom working on his next story, you can find him exploring the various theme parks that Florida has to offer. Jesse also loves hiking and enjoying the gorgeous Florida weather.