ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orange County A + Teacher has found a way to crack the code and make civics lessons engaging and exciting. 

What You Need To Know

  • Richardo Delfosse combines pop culture with critical thinking

  • He teaches at Lockhart Middle School

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Richardo Delfosse has special qualities and teaching techniques that help him relate to his students so they learn. 

He explains, "If it's the latest TikTok video or the latest trend on YouTube or something like that or if it's using ridiculous examples that I know will grab their attention."

Delfosse combines pop culture with critical thinking inside his Lockhart Middle School classroom. 

"Knowing about our government, understanding what's happening in our society and current events are vital to us being engaged citizens in the future. These kids come from a very similar environment like I did. I grew up in this community. I grew up in Rosemont which is not too far away from our school,” he recalls.

Delfosse didn't initially choose to study education as a career. He earned a doctorate from Florida A&M University’s College of Law. It is something he is very proud of. 

But instead of investing his time studying law, he chose to teach instead. He shared that an adviser at the law school saw his growth and encouraged him to mentor other law school students and Delfosse was hooked.

He adds, "I just like the ability to share knowledge and to give people the opportunity to have that light bulb turn on for them."

Delfosse wants his current students to know his class isn't just about earning a grade.

"I want them to walk away from my classroom with the sense that this taught them more than what they need to know on a test. It taught them life lessons," he says.