WILDWOOD, Fla. — A+ Teacher Jacqueline Boone outlines the foundation for everything she teaches at her reading classes at Wildwood Middle High School.

What You Need To Know

  • Jacqueline Boone says she wants her students to do their best

  • She also enforces the idea that there is life beyond high school

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She says she wants each student to know, "That I love and respect them."

She stays on her students to do their best too. 

"I push and push and push the fact that there's life beyond high school,” she adds.

Boone wants them to be ready. She encourages students to embrace computer technology too.

She adds, "They communicate with me through it; they upload their assignments to me. One student said, ‘I did it on my cell phone’ and I said, ‘Good and now use your phone to upload it in the platform’ and they do. And I said, ‘You need these skills for the workforce."

Boone gets emotional talking about why she chose a teaching career. Most of her mother's siblings worked in the education field all thanks to one special person.

It was her quiet, soft-spoken grandmother who worked to provide the funds for all of them to go to college

Boone adds through tears, "I wanted to honor the sacrifice. She stood back and pushed the others forward."

And it's that same spirit in which Boone pushes her students, she adds, "But reading, not knocking any other subject, reading is essential for anything you're going to do for the rest of your life buy a car, rent an apartment, buy groceries, try to make a grocery list."

Boone feels teaching is her calling she adds, "It's who I am and the way that I was raised."