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Do you believe former FBI director James Comey's memo implicates President Donald Trump in any way?

Was President Donald Trump justified in firing FBI Director James Comey?


Do you think President Donald Trump should speak with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

Yes, some good may come out of it.(49%)
No, it might make matters worse.(37%)
I'm not sure.(14%)

Which big budget blockbuster in May are you most looking forward to?

Which big budget blockbuster in May are you most looking forward to?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(37%)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword(7%)
Alien: Covenant(7%)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales(38%)

What is the most pressing issue for President Donald Trump at the 100-day mark?

Border wall(12%)
Government shutdown(14%)
North Korea(43%)
Health care(18%)

FWC is discussing bear management this week. Should Florida bring the black bear hunt back in 2017?


Should fracking be allowed or banned in Florida?

Which of 2017's remaining superhero films are you most looking forward to seeing?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2(51%)
Wonder Woman(18%)
Spider-Man: Homecoming(5%)
Thor: Ragnarok(13%)
Justice League(14%)

Should the video produced for the Day of Love and Kindness specifically mentioned the LGBTQ, Qlatinx, and other communities?


Do you think Florida's annual Legislative Session should be extended beyond 60 days?

Yes, make it 90 days(18%)
Yes, make it 120 days(59%)
No, keep it as it is(4%)
No, make it shorter(19%)

Warner Bros. released the 1st official trailer for "Justice League" on March 25. Are you excited to see DC Comics' premier superhero team in action on the big screen?

Yes! Can't wait!(33%)
No! It looks terrible!(14%)
Don't care - I don't go to the movies.(44%)
Make Mine Marvel!(10%)

"Do you read books about politicians, either current or historical?"

Yes - both current and historical(27%)
Yes - current only(0%)
Yes - historical only(5%)

What’s been your favorite March movie in 2017?

Kong: Skull Island(15%)
Beauty and the Beast(38%)
I don't watch movies(25%)

Now that spring is here, what is your favorite part of the season?

The weather being warmer.(19%)
The flowers blooming.(16%)
Wearing spring clothes and colors.(3%)
Spring cleaning.(3%)
It's not winter!(8%)
We're in Florida! I can't really tell the difference!(51%)

Disney's new live-action "Beauty and the Beast" hits theaters this weekend. Are you excited to see this new spin on the classic 'Tale as old as time"?

Don't care.(37%)

Should the federal government use taxpayer dollars to fund space exploration missions to the Moon and Mars?


Will the recent controversy surrounding Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" movie stop you from seeing the film?

What controversy?(32%)

With spring training here, what are your baseball plans this season?

Will you be tuning in to watch the Oscars this Sunday night?

What are the Oscars?(12%)
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