With five starters missing from the team due to competing in the Elite Clubs National League tournament TImber Creek soccer head coach Cameron Stevens had some roster moves to make ahead of the Winter Park Showcase.

“I think it was a good opportunity to see how we are and how others respond,” Stevens said. “Maybe even for some of the others who haven’t received as much playing time. So it was kind of good to see them in that situation.”

Insert Elena Falzone, the sophomore was put in the field and fully took advantage of her playing time. She netted two goals against Orange City University and then added another one against McKeel Academy as the Wolves went 2-0-1 over the weekend.

“I scored it and then everyone was like okay Elena, okay!” Falzone recalled. “You’re really doing the most, it goes in and I was still processing it, I was like did that just happen. Did I just do that.”

Elena spent all her time in the net last season as Timber Creeks starting goalkeeper. But at the beginning of this season she lost her spot making playing time very hard to come by. Instead of wallowing in the disappointment Elena was determined to get back on the field one way or another.

“I always wanted to be on the field, I always asked coach,” she said. “But he couldn’t risk me getting hurt. And then this season I was determined. I was like I’m not going to play goalkeeper, I’m going to play field, because that’s what I love doing, that’s what I do for club. I thought I’m going to come this season and bring everything I have and put myself out there and show coach I can do this, I can play field, I’m not just a goalkeeper.”

Timber Creek is the number one seed in their district and Coach Stevens says he plans to now use Elena in the field up top. Spots that are now just fine with her

“I’m definitely looking forward to it, I’m excited.”

“She was outrunning defenders when we would play a ball through,” Stevens said. “She’s quick, deceivingly  quick. She’s going to help us out in the long run and into districts.”