From day one Jonathan Yaun stood out on the Lake Minneola golf team.

“He came on as a freshman here and right away he was the best player we had in shooting the lowest scores,” said Head Golf Coach Jason DeRoche. “So he has been a tremendous asset to the team.”

Playing since just a young child, the game of golf is in Jonathan’s blood.

“My Mom played professionally and my Dad played at Jacksonville University as an NCAA player, so they instilled in me the opportunities,” explained Yuan. “I just wanted to play because of them.”

Jonathan has made the most of his opportunities, qualifying for states two of the last three seasons. But playing on the big stage, especially as just an individual isn’t enough for Yaun. In his senior season he wants his whole team beside him, going for the team title.

“Our team has been really working hard these past few years and I just really wanted to improve on getting the whole team to states and having a chance to win the state championship as a team this year.”

Yaun’s senior season is off to a fast start, shooting a 5 under 31 in 9 holes to open the year. The score is not only a school record, but also an obvious confidence boost.

“It gives me a lot of confidence. I really have a lot of trust in my game right now,” said Jonathan. “I would say it’s more of having a faith like trusting God that my game is coming together for the tournaments.”