Ocoee High School’s Dexter Rentz had never before played corner, until the West Port game.

“A guy went down and he had to fill in and the rest is history,” said Ocoee Head Coach Jason Boltus.

Five interceptions later, the sophomore tied a state record in his very first game playing defense.

“Dexter just kept making plays defensively, one play after another, and then the final one with 30 seconds left to seal the deal is just incredible,” said Boltus. “That’s when we all kind of realized like five, wow he really just got five interceptions.”

Starting as a wide receiver this season, Dexter has 350 yards and three touchdowns to his name. His time on offense helping him when lining up on defense.

“As a receiver I know what the depths of the routes are going to be, so I was just there because I know the routes,” said Rentz. “It was just easy for me to read what was coming at me.”

Needless to say, Dexter will now be starting on both sides of the ball.

“Dexter is now a starter on defense,” said Boltus laughing. “He earned it and put himself in good spots, so we just have to pick different situations where we need to give him a rest so he can play the whole game.”

Dexter is taking advantage of every opportunity, and ball, coming his way.

“I don’t even know the feeling of that right there. I’m just happy to be on both sides of the ball now and to help my team,” said Rentz. “Big time players make big time plays in big time games.”