It is electrifying water sports mixed with festival fun and fireworks.

“To watch these boats go around at 100 mph and we’re pulling 3 to 4 Gs on the turn," said St. Petersburg F-2 pilot Tom Ludwig.  "It’s a lot of fun. Come see us.”

The Bradenton Area River Regatta is back for a third straight year.  The extreme water sports include F-2 Powerboat Superleague racing, Hydrocross jet skiis, and flyboarding.

“I mean its unlike anything you’ll ever see ever in your life," said Kristen Smoyer, who recently captured the 2016 Flyboard World Cup title.  "People are flying in the air, literally doing flips,  just dropping out of the sky, doing dives. It’s quite spectacular.” 

All the high powered thrills you’ve come to love about the Bradenton Area River Regatta are back and bigger than ever.  

“We’ve got the biggest field we’ve had probably in five years," said Sam Winer, Powerboat Superleague CEO and president.  "We’re looking at 15 of formula two boats which are 0 to 100 m.p.h. in about 4.5 seconds off a dead engine start.”

Team Rinker out of Riverview, brothers Rob and Ashton, have run the Regatta placing first both years.

“The racing part of this, the question is who can beat the Rinkers?” said Winer.

Last year, older brother Ashton won based off qualifying rounds after weather cancelled the main event.  In 2015, little brother, Rob captured the title. 

So can anyone end the Rinker reign? That will be one of the main storylines on the water February 4, 2017.

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