Among the rows of houses in a quiet Safety Harbor neighborhood, one hidden gem is sure to stand out. Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda are a couple who have made it their life’s work to turn their home into a giant work of art. They’ve named it, “Whimzeyland.”

"It's a great way to live .. a great way to live,” Kiaralinda said.

  • Couple turns Safety Harbor home into 'Whimzeyland'
  • Todd & Kiaralinda Ramquist turned a plain canvas into a vibrant local landmark
  • Couple on a mission to bring joy to others through their art

It’s a philosophy adopted by the childhood sweethearts who bought the house in Safety Harbor several decades ago.

“We’ve known each other since 7th grade. We went to 7th grade art class together and I blame it on that,” Kiaralinda said.

They have turned a plain canvas into a vibrant local landmark. The couple said they’ve found inspiration from their cross-country travels.

Every inch of Whimzeyland is covered in unique pieces. From quirky creatures, to lunchbox covered ceilings and bottle cap walls, Todd and Kiaralinda have made it a mission to bring joy to others through their art.

“We tell them, come on up. We’ve had people come and bring people who are depressed, we’ve had them come for birthday wishes, surprises,” Kiaralinda said.

There’s a surprise around every corner and you can’t help but smile when greeted by their friendly faces and one of a kind home.

“We’ve been here so long you kind of forget that this is your environment and then people will send us pictures and it’s like wow it’s really cool we get to live here,” Ramquist said.

Todd and Kiaralinda have also opened an art center in Safety Harbor. For more information, click here