How many times have you darted into the McDonald’s drive-thru line with Oreo McFlurry hopes or hot fudge sundae dreams on the brain, only to have them thwarted by messages of broken machines?

  • "Ice Check" app helps iOS users find working McDonald's ice cream machines
  • Some reviewers of app unhappy with lack of restaurants listed
  • Download the Apple app here

No more. Called the "Ice Check," the free iOS-only app finds a McDonald's ice cream machine working near you.

There is no log in for the app, and it uses your smartphone's GPS locator to help track the nearest frozen treat from McDonald's.

However, according to some of the app's users, there are a few flaws.

"The entire concept of the app is great, just wish more people used it as the closest location to me with updates is a few cities away. Hopefully this changes," wrote user Teeezy1243 on the app's iTunes Store page, who rated the app four stars.

Another reviewer stated that the app suffers from a poor interface and design and also complained of the lack of McDonald's stores listed.

"Don't even waste your time, this app barely lists any McDonalds stores in any given area not is there any way to search based on your locale," stated the reviewer, who only gave one star.