Legoland Florida will add virtual reality to one of its roller coasters next spring.

The Great Lego Race will include headsets that transport riders into a virtual world.

The Winter Haven theme park showed off the headsets for the ride at the IAAPA Attractions Expo on Wednesday.

Once riders put on the headsets, they are transported into a virtual world filled with Lego bricks.

Riders are put into the drivers seats as they face some of their favorite Lego minifigures.

The Great Lego Race will include headsets that transport riders into a virtual world. (Ashley Carter, staff)

It's a 360-degree, 3D experience, the first of it's kind for Legoland Florida.

"And if you can imagine if what is happening to you onscreen is suddenly also simultaneously happening to you as the roller coaster drops down a drop or goes over a hump, then you can imagine that is going to be one of the most exciting and exhilarating and fun experiences," said Nick Carney, chief executive officer of Merlin Entertainments.

For those who may be a bit squeamish about wearing a headset, riders are given the option of not wearing the headset. It will also be tethered to the ride, which means the headsets can be taken off at any time.

Legoland doesn't recommend the headset for anyone under the age of 6. The height requirement for the coaster is 42 inches.

Riders on the The Great Lego Race coaster will feel the drops and turns as they watch a movie in VR headsets. Guests can also ride the coaster without the headsets. (Legoland Florida)

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