A new milestone is approaching for a record-breaking attraction coming to Orlando.

"About 10 days from now, you'll see erection begin on the actual ride itself," said Chuck Whittall, president of Unicorp National Developments, Inc., referring to the Orlando StarFlyer. "Our goal is still to have people swinging around in circles the first quarter of next year."

Whittall says the ride tower is already at the Port.

"It's being made, actually, in various different countries," the developer told us. "Then the pieces are all shipped over. Then, they're brought over on semi-trailers. So it's a big operation to move all of the steel across the sea. It's, really, pre-made, and then it gets erected here on site."

The StarFlyer will stand at 450 feet, which is 50 feet taller than the neighboring Orlando Eye. A concrete base the weight of about four Boeing 747s anchors it down. Twenty-four guests can ride at once, swinging at 60 mph.  

The buildings around the attraction are already taking shape. Whittall says the structure will house a StarFlyer cafe, an ice cream shop, Westgate, and, of course, the attraction itself. He describes the buildings as "Apple-esque," meaning they'll have a modern design with grays, and greens and glass.

The construction is happening on International Drive north of where the world's biggest attractions expo is taking place this week. IAAPA starts Tuesday, and we'll be there for the big announcements, highlights and just plain awesome ride technology. Tune into your Attractions Insider report on Spectrum News 13 starting at 5 p.m. Tuesday.