Your kids can now get face-to-face with roaring, snarling, life-size dinosaurs.

  • Extreme Dinosaurs just opened on International Drive
  • Educational exhibition features life-sized dinosaurs
  • Animatronic dinos re-enact scenes that likely would have happened

Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition is now open on International Drive in Orlando.

"I think this is one of the attractions where the younger guests are going to inform their older guests," said Teresa White, the special projects manager for Extreme Dinosaurs.

Guests like Daniel Sharkey, 10.

"I wouldn't be too terrified of [seeing a stegosaurus] because it's not an aggressive dino," he said, confidently. "It's actually one of the least smart dinosaurs. It's brain was actually about the size of a walnut."

Sharkey even knew about dinosaurs having feathers, something seen on the animatronics throughout the attraction.

"The very first feathered dinosaur found — sinosauropteryx — was discovered in 1996, so people have to start getting used to feathers and dinosaurs," White told us.

The attraction has six scenes that involve battles that would likely have happened. That means, the type of dinos duking it out were proved to have lived in the same region during the same time period.

"So we're not going to show a T-Rex and a stegosaurus," White said. "Instead, what you're going to see — just behind me — is the allosaurus and stegosaurus and why we knew that they fought one another."

But guests will see the "King of all Dinosaurs" — Tyrannosaurus rex — in another scene. Sharkey thinks T-rex, though, is "overrated."

"I'm a big fan of velociraptors," he said. "They're very fast, agile and one of the smartest dinosaurs."

The curator says one of the misconceptions about dinosaurs is that they're all huge.

What: Extreme Dinosaurs: The Exhibition, 7220 International Drive, Orlando (Next to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition)

When: Open daily 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Admission: &16.95 adults; $14.95 seniors and students with ID; $11.95 Kids