ROCKLEDGE, Fla. — A Brevard County woman has made it her mission to eliminate bullying here in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Brevard woman curbs bullying w/ her non-profit
  • Marty L. Ward founded ' Confidence Eliminates Bullying'
  • Ward traveled to Uganda after being invited by missionary
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Marty L. Ward is the founder of nonprofit 'Confidence Eliminates Bullying'. The focus of the organization is to create confident kids who believe in themselves to stand up against the problem.

Ward recently headed to Uganda to speak to more than 7,000 kids after being invited by a missionary.

That missionary read her book "Get Clear, Get Confident, Get Going,” after saving it from a pile of books to be burned.

She calls her idea a 'Tag for Success' philosophy.

 “That's what's different. Kids can believe in themselves based on who they are. Based on knowing how fabulous they are,” Ward said. “And when you know that, when somebody bullies you, you go 'well, that's your opinion, I know who I am.' And they believe it. And when they believe it, they aren't hurt.”

Teachers tell Ward their students are also better-behaved in the classroom thanks to the program.

Parents say their kids are bettered mannered at home.

Ward says she too was bullied during her life, but this attitude changed the way she thought of herself.