Sun glare was to blame for a crash in which three people were struck by a vehicle as they checked damage from a crash that happened moments before.

  • 3 people checking for crash damage struck in Palm Bay
  • Driver of vehicle said they'd been blinded by sun's glare
  • 2 children in an SUV weren't seriously hurt

It happened around 8 a.m. Friday where three streets intersect in Palm Bay: Charles Boulevard, Cricket Drive and Nolan Street.

Investigators say a man stopped in the intersection to deal with a fogged-up windshield, compounded by the glare of the sun.

He was out of the vehicle when the driver of a minivan allegedly came up, couldn't see and struck his SUV.

That driver, plus the first driver and a neighbor, were struck by yet another vehicle coming around the bend whose driver was also allegedly blinded by the glare.

All three victims were hospitalized.

"A three-car crash... I could see two, but someone must have been going a clip and not paying attention," said Gart Vondross, a nearby resident. "The guy coming from that side... Maybe the sun was in his eyes, but most of the traffic goes in all the time."

Two children in the minivan weren't seriously hurt.

An investigation is ongoing.