The first lawsuit stemming from the Florida International University bridge collapse is expected to be filed today. 

  • First lawsuit in FIU bridge collapse expected Monday
  • Morgan and Morgan to announce lawsuit during news conference
  • All victims in collpase accounted for

Matt Morgan, with Morgan & Morgan, is scheduled to announce the lawsuit and details surrounding the claim Monday afternoon. This lawsuit is being filed on behalf of a victim who was injured in last Thursday’s bridge collapse on SW 8th Street. 

The remains of the two final victims were removed from the rubble of the collapsed bridge on Saturday.  

In an instant Thursday, the 950-ton span which was still under construction at FIU, collapsed. Drivers and pedestrians had no time to react or flee. Vehicles below the bridge were pancaked under the rubble.  According to MIami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez  a total of six people died.

As of Saturday all of the victims had been accounted for.

"That makes it a total of five people that were recovered from under the bridge," said Perez. "There was one individual that passed away at the hospital for a total of 6 people. And I believe that is the final count."

At the time of the collapse crews were working on tightening cables on the bridge. 

According to FDOT, two days before the bridge collapse, a lead engineer on the project left a voicemail about a crack in the bridge that would need repairs. However, no one heard the voicemail at FDOT until after the disaster. 

FDOT also says FIU’s design team never requested for complete road closures during installation or stress testing.

Morgan & Morgan will hold a news conference Monday at 1:30pm to announce the lawsuit.