A small plane crashed on a Kissimmee road Tuesday, ultimately shutting down an intersection.

  • Small plane crashes in Kissimmee
  • Plane crashed on MLK Blvd and Thacker Ave
  • 2 people on board; both uninjured 

Officials said a Cessna crashed on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near John Young Parkway around 1:30 p.m.

According to a Kissimmee city spokesperson, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing right after it took off from the Kissimmee airport.

There were two people on board, but no one was hurt. Both individuals walked out of the plane. They were reportedly from out of town doing some training and were familiar with the airport.

  Home surveillance video from a nearby homeowner.

Tacariah Monroe said she often hears and sees planes taking off from the Kissimmee airport, but she knew something was wrong this time.

“It was like a boom, like a big ole boom and you could tell something had crashed,” said Monroe. “It was like a bomb had exploded or something.” 

The plane’s tail was left on one part of Martin Luther King Boulevard while the main part of the aircraft ended up about a block away. The plane knocked out street signs but managed to miss hitting everything else.

“There are homes right there and you know there’s a park right there, apartments, a school. It could’ve been really ugly,” Monroe said.

The intersection was shut down for the rest of the day while agencies investigated, according to Kissimmee police.

First responders said it’s unclear what forced the emergency landing, but the Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating to find out what caused the crash.