An elderly man in DeLand was scammed out of thousands of dollars after he said crooks told him he was donating to veterans.

  • 2 people approached victim, claiming to be raising money for veterans
  • They said they needed $6,000 more, then man gave them the money
  • DeLand police now looking for the suspects

DeLand police are trying to find the two people responsible.

An Air Force veteran himself, Bill Shupe said he frequents his home post office, the same place DeLand police say another elderly man met two scammers.

"I think it's downright shameful for people to take advantage of veterans or any elderly people," said Shupe.

Police said toward the end of last week, they were called to a plaza on east International Speedway Boulevard after an 87-year-old man said he was scammed by two men claiming they were raising money for veterans.

The report said the two told him they had raised $10,000 but needed $6,000 more. So the victim went to get the money from the bank and give it to them.

The report said someone saw the man looking lost after the exchange and ended up calling 911.

"I got scammed, I’m sorry I thought, I’d never end up like this," the victim said on the 911 call.

Shupe said the idea that somebody would pocket money they claimed was intended for vets is disgraceful.

"It makes me sick to my stomach, for money that's supposed to be going to somebody that has served our country, and fought for this country," said Shupe.

Police said the Suntrust bank teller even asked the victim if he was being scammed, but she says he told her he had to make a deal and to just give him the money.

"Be very careful about giving especially, large sums of money to people," said Chris Graham, DeLand Police spokesperson.

Shupe said he hopes the scammers are caught.

"They ought to be put under the jail," said Shupe.

Police said if you have any information on this case, call them.  Officers are working on surveillance video to see if they can identify the suspects.