Vice President Mike Pence hit the road to Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday.

Air Force II landed at the former shuttle landing facility Tuesday afternoon, as it's expected to be a whirlwind two days for the Vice President, as he continues his role as the chair of the newly restored National Space Council.

Pence will lead a National Space Council meeting, made up with individuals from dignitaries from the government and private sector, on Wednesday to talk about America's vision for space exploration.

The second session of the National Space Council is called 'Moon, Mars, and World's Beyond: Winning the Next Frontier'.

“Hopefully they will come out with some action items building off the President's budget that came out two weeks ago,” said Dale Ketcham of Space Florida.

It's the Vice President's second trip to the Kennedy Space Center. The first was July 2017 when he spoke to hundreds of employees inside the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building.

After Wednesday's meeting, Pence will tour KSC, which continues to poise itself to become a 21st Century spaceport.

President Donald Trump brought back the National Space Council and named Pence as the head.

VP Mike Pence arriving at KSC: