DeLand Police are searching for clues after more than a dozen high-powered rounds ripped through a home injuring a teen.

  • Boy struck by bullets in DeLand drive-by shooting
  • 17 rounds fired into home, detectives say
  • Cops: Teen hit in both legs, wounds appear nonlife-threatening

During a news conference Tuesday, police said they still don't have an idea of how many shooters there were.

“It looks like a war zone,” said Bo Davenport.

Bullets holes are scattered all throughout the front of a DeLand home, and the bullets also struck 16-year-old Malik Hinson's mattress in his bedroom.

“We just had a conversation last night and he didn't tell me that anything was wrong or nobody was after him or have any issues,” said Bo Davenport, victim’s grandfather.

Davenport is just thankful his grandson is still alive.

Police said around 3:15 Tuesday morning someone, using a high-powered rifle shot up Hinson's home located on Wright Court.

“It was just a shock to me. My phone ring and my daughter yelling, 'y'all get over here' and say Malik's been shot. I said, what?” said Davenport.

Police believe Hinson was the target but aren't sure why.

Police Chief Jason Umberger said the bullets mainly centered around the teen’s room.

“Its pretty fortunate with the amount of rounds that were fired in that house that his injuries were what they were, could've been much worse,” said Chief Umberger.

Police believe about 20 rounds were fired. They found shell casings all over the area.

In 911 calls, the boy reached out for help while his mother remained on the phone with the dispatcher. Neighbors called as well.

“They’re shooting outside my house I'm so scared,” said a neighbor.

Davenport said his grandson is a good kid.

Everyone is shaken up and now the teen basketball player could be on a long road to recovery.

“We’re just hoping they can do something you know, don't know the extent of the damage,” said Davenport.

Police said they are canvassing the area looking for witnesses and stepping up patrol to give the residents in the neighborhood some peace of mind.