Homeless shelters are set up in Brevard County to give people on the street a place to protect themselves from the bitter and dangerous cold. But what if they have pets?

  • SPCA of Brevard allowing homeless to drop off pets
  • Shelter also doing vaccinations, neutering, microchipping
  • Space is limited to only 10 animals

Most shelters don't allow pets, so the homeless may choose to stay outside, sleeping in woods or cars.

The SPCA of Brevard is allowing them to drop off their dogs, cats or other animals at their Titusville shelter until the cold snap ends.

This is the first time the group has done this.

"Warm crate with blankets, food and water, and its safe, and you can also be able to go a place for you to take care of yourself as well,” said Susan Naylor of SPCA of Brevard.

The SPCA is also offering to give vaccinations, spaying or neutering, or even microchipping at no cost.

Right now, there is room for about 10 animals, so space is limited.