States including Florida have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical use and some even for recreational use. But a policy change by Attorney General Jeff Sessions lets U.S. Attorneys decide whether to enforce the federal rules regardless of what states decided.

  • New federal policy lets U.S. Attorneys enforce marijuana regulation
  • Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith refiled bill to decriminalize marijuana in Fla.
  • Sessions called the shift a return to the rule of law

Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith recently refiled a bill to fully decriminalize marijuana in Florida.

"Jeff Sessions seems to be stuck in the Dark Ages, and he's basing all of his actions not on facts but based on fear and misinformation about cannabis," he said.

Sessions called the shift a return to the rule of law.

In Florida, more than 70 percent of voters approved a constitutional amendment in favor of medical marijuana.

Orlando Attorney John Morgan emailed Spectrum News 13 a statement that said:

“Jeff Sessions as a Senator was in favor of states’ rights. I guess that changed.

Pharmaceutical companies are killing our children with opioids. The best alternative is medical marijuana and they know it. Opioid deaths are down in states with Medical Marijuana. These companies are engaged in the premeditated murder of our people. My law firm is representing states and cities across America against these horrible killers. What we know will shock you. As to this always follow the money.

President Trump was in favor of medical marijuana. Last time I checked he was still President.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders addressed the issue this week.

“The President's position hasn't changed, but he does strongly believe that we have to enforce federal law," she said.

The turnaround may be a moot point. Legal pot is a multi-billion dollar business over several states, and the industry may be too large to bust.

"Right now we just have to kind of keep pushing through, don't get scared by what we see at the federal level right now because I just truly believe you can't turn back a clock that's already been wound," said Roz McCarthy CEO, the founder of Minorities for Medical Marijuana.