The coldest temperatures of the season are now hitting Central Florida.

Shelters are expecting to see more people walk through their doors, including Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford.

The manager told Spectrum News 13 that Rescue Outreach Mission has turned their dining room into a sleeping area because of the number of people they are expecting to walk through their doors.

Workers brought in about three dozen extra cots and blankets for people to sleep on for Tuesday night.

During the cold snap, the shelter will open its doors to anyone who needs to find a warm place to sleep.

"We would prefer they come in and spend the night in a nice warm place, that way it's not too much of a hardship on them and they don't have to brave the cold," said Richard Roberts, security manager.

The rescue mission closes at 7 a.m., Wednesday. That is why Seminole County is setting up all five of its public libraries as shelters so people have somewhere to stay warm during the day.

More than 20 counties are opening up cold weather shelters Wednesday night.  

Marion County, more people than usual spending the night at a Salvation Army shelter.

Anytime the temperatures drop to about 45 degrees, the Salvation Army starts preparing for extra people at its Ocala shelter on 1st Avenue.

Major Dwayne Durham told Spectrum News 13 they make use of every single square inch.

"Placing mats on the floor blankets and pillows for those who would be coming not necessarily would be coming in otherwise," Durham said.

If the Salvation Army shelter fills up, there is also space at some local churches.