A Kissimmee teenager who saved her mother’s life now wants to help save the lives of others. She is a 14-year-old everyday hero who is working to expand an organ donation registry so that people in need can find their match.

  • Chyanne Ojageer gives mother bone marrow
  • Neisha Ojageer was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma

Neisha Ojageer never thought that the person she gave life to would be the very same person to save her own.

"I was the walking dead. I was told I was the walking dead," she said.

At 28 years old, Neisha was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. Being a mother is something she thought she could never do, however Neisha beat the odds when she fell into remission and was granted with a precious gift called Chyanne.

"Miracles happen again. This little girl was born," Neisha explained.

Unfortunately, Neisha's cancer came back, not once but twice, putting her in need of a bone marrow donation. Her own daughter stepped up to the plate, making Chyanne one of the youngest bone marrow donors in the state.

Neisha said, "Cause this is just an 11-year-old child willing to do whatever it takes to save her mom."

Neisha, originally from Trinidad, was told by doctors that there was not a donor with her same ethnic background available.

Chyanne, who has been researching the issue, said, "You see people like me Indian, sometimes even Asian, Spanish, every culture does not donate or is not aware that they can donate or anything about stuff like this."

Chyanne has been holding drives to encourage people to donate because she wants to put the word out and raise awareness. She works with BeTheMatch.org in sending back kits where people can fill out donor forms and give a cheek swab to see if they're eligible.

"If it's my family, I would donate. If it's a stranger, I would still donate cause they deserve another chance at life," Chyanne said.

When Chyanne turns 18 years old she hopes to donate once more. In the meantime, she is creating an organization called: Youngest Bone Marrow Donor.

Through her story she wants to inspire others to help generate more life.

"You're never too young to make a difference in the world and you're never too old to make a difference," Chyanne added. "You’ll always make a change in the world. Make a statement by getting people to make a statement with you."

For more information on joining the bone marrow registry, click here.