Science students -- are you Team Groot, or Team Rocket?

  • Marvel-themed space station challenge for teens
  • Students submit proposals under Team Rocket or Team Groot
  • Winning concepts will go to the ISS

The Center for Advancement of Science in Space and Marvel are calling on teens ages 13-18 to submit microgravity experiment proposals for the Guardians of the Galaxy Space Station Challenge.

The winning proposals will become official International Space Station experiments.

Students will submit proposals under Team Groot -- biological and regenerative science concepts, or under Team Rocket -- materials sciences, engineering and technology development.

Students will have to explain their proposal and how the microgravity environment on the ISS can enhance findings, compared to doing the project on Earth. 

A project from Team Groot and a project from Team Rocket will be chosen for launch to the ISS this year.

The contest ends through Jan. 31 and is open to American students only. Students can find more details by going to the Guardians of the Galaxy Space Station Challenge website.