The Mills 50 district in Orlando is growing in popularity, and that brings with it traffic problems. The city wants your help to deal with them.

Daniel Carvalho has owned Brooklyn Coffee Company off of Mills Avenue in the Mills 50 district for the last seven months.

He decided to open there based on the area's reputation.

"It's a street that's known by people who like good food," explained Carvalho.

It's a popular area.

The Mills 50 district if you are not familiar, is essentially is located on Mills Avenue from Robinson Street to Princeton Street and Colonial Drive from Highland Avenue to Bumby Avenue. 

Around 70,000 vehicles per day drive on Mills Avenue and Colonial Drive.

"It's been known locally, regionally, and I think now nationally, now with more tourists coming in from International Drive and around the country, visiting the area's restaurants and shops," said Ian Sikonia, senior planner in Orlando’s Transportation Planning Division.

Many stores and shops are very close to the road. “Doesn't allow for a lot of walking and biking infrastructure between the roadway and local businesses," Sikonia said.

Carvalho also feels traffic moves too fast through the area -- and too close to where his customers park.

"There have been a couple of times where cars have had their mirror hit there," he said. "One of them was my wife's car and another one was the guy who owns the vintage shop there."

So now, the City of Orlando has created a comments map highlighting both the Mills 50 District and the Milk District. They want you to select areas of concern you have on the map and then comment on what you would like to see changed about the area. Head to the Orlando city website to take part.

"We've already looked at our existing conditions and we want to get public feedback from business owners, citizens and people who visit the area, whether it's on a weekly or monthly basis," said Sikonia.

As for Daniel Carvalho, he already knows what he's going to suggest.

"I would say parking number one.  Parking is the number one complaint we have."