SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. -- Hurricane season officially starts Friday, but some people throughout Central Florida are still dealing with damage from 2017’s hurricane season.

  • Homeowner still dealing w/ 2017 hurricane damage
  • Man says he hopes repairs are done by June
  • Prep for hurricane season:

At Williams Scott’s home in South Daytona, he has a blue tarp on his roof.

This is the second blue tarp William Scott has had on his roof in just the past couple years.

He says he had to put one up on his roof when Hurricane Matthew came through in 2016, and then again when he experienced more damage from Hurricane Irma.

Scott showed Spectrum News 13 the damage to the inside of his garage.

“Up there is the mold is from Irma. You have mold sitting here, here and here, and this part of the house,” Scott said.

He also had damage on his porch.

“I can see the change in color, and the wood is rotten up through on this side,” Scott said.

Scott says he has been trying to work with his insurance to get it all fixed.

“I was disabled back in 2002, and my wife just retired, so money it’s real tight for us,” Scott said.

Scott says he wants it done soon.

 “I hoping by end of June it will be done,” he said.

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