SunRail returned to a full schedule on Tuesday and fares will be free.

  • SunRail starts normal service Tuesday morning
  • Train fares will remain free Tuesday
  • SunRail offering credit to SunCard pass holders

SunRail says it resumed its schedule with the 5:06 a.m. southbound train.

The commuter train has been on limited service since Hurricane Irma to give crews time to check the track and repair some railroad crossings. 

Crews will continue to perform work along the rails, and SunRail says it will do everything possible to keep travel delays to a minimum.

SunRail says it is providing additional days of service or credit to passengers with SunCard passes who were affected by the service suspension.

If you need help with that, call the customer service center at 855-724-5411, Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

SunCard holders should also make sure to register their cards at to help expedite the process. 

To see the full schedule, head to